The organisers gratefully acknowledge support from the following companies:

Principal sponsors


FEI Company

FEI's microscopy innovation and leadership enables customers to find meaningful answers to questions that accelerate breakthrough discoveries, increase productivity, and ultimately change the world. FEI designs, manufactures, and supports the broadest range of high-performance microscopy workflow solutions that provide images and answers in the micro-, nano-, and picometer scales.


Gatan UK

Gatan is the leading manufacturer of systems to enhance the operation of electron microscopes. Products for TEM include cameras (including new options on direct detection), Enfinium EELS spectrometers and Quantum imaging filters, sample holders and sample preparation equipment, notably the radical new PIPS II. For materials SEM, Gatan brings cathodoluminescence, and dynamic stages for heating/cooling/deformation.

 Hitachi High-Technologies Europe GmbH


Jeol (UK) Ltd

JEOL is a leading supplier of scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), transmission electron microscopes (TEMs), scanning probe microscopes (SPMs), mass spectrometers, NMR spectrometers and semiconductor tools for scientific and industrial purposes. We provide applications-specific solutions that advance our customers' diverse objectives - from routine analysis of organic and inorganic specimens to breakthroughs in nanotechnological development.



American Elements
American Elements: global manufacturer of advanced semiconductor and nanomaterials for electron microscopy applications


CEOS, founded in 1996 by Maximilian Haider and Joachim Zach, is concentrating on research, development and production of advanced optical components for electron microscopes. These include correctors for spherical, chromatic and coma-type aberrations and monochromators. The company meanwhile has become the world's leading manufacturer of correctors for electron microscopes.


European Microscopy Society (EMS)

Kore Technology
Kurt J. Lesker


Media partner

Imaging & Microscopy

Based on a constant dialog with users and system providers the Wiley journal "Imaging & Microscopy" presents up-to-date information on electron and ion microscopy, image processing, light microscopy, scanning probe microscopy and X-ray analysis. "Imaging & Microscopy" is distributed to 18,000 readers throughout Europe, including members of the European Microscopy Society.

Reasons to sponsor EMAG 2013:

  • an opportunity to promote your organisation and raise your profile within the wider community;
  • promote your company name to national and international participants prior to, during, and after the conference - these include decision makers, scientists, students and community members;
  • demonstrate your commitment to assisting in the development of young researchers;
  • your representatives can mix informally with professionals from industry and academia in the UK and from all around the world;
  • your company's support of the conference will be acknowledged widely through web-based and printed materials;
  • sponsorship contributed significantly to the promotion, planning and operation of the conference, reducing the overall cost of managing the event and enabling a higher level of participation.

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